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ANU and EFAC Form Powerful Partnership: In 2008 Dr. Leah Marangu, Vice Chancellor of Africa Nazarene University and Nancy Van Sciver, co-Founder of EFAC, formed a unique partnership between their two organizations. The ANU team provides the contacts and knowledge to distribute scholarship applications to Kenya’s poorest areas and to assist in the identification, mentoring, and support of EFAC’s scholarship recipients. Combining EFAC’s fundraising abilities and
operations team in the U.S. with a committed Kenyan staff and Board of Directors, Nancy and Dr. Marangu have built a strong joint organization. The University campus, located just outside of Nairobi, has been a wonderful backdrop for EFAC’s three annual workshops providing students with an experience beyond their own school communities. ANU educators volunteer countless hours to help run the EFAC program, and provide guidance and mentoring to all of our talented Kenyan students. Their partnership is absolutely integral to our success. Learn more about ANU.

Segal Family Foundation partners with organizations improving the wellbeing of communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. The foundation’s philosophy is to develop long-term, “Active Partnerships” with nonprofits working to design the most effective, locally appropriate solutions to poverty and the struggle for social justice in their countries of operation. EFAC is fortunate to have been selected as a Segal partner in 2012, and for the past three years has received grant support from the Foundation. In 2014, EFAC was one of 15 organizations (out of 180 Segal partners) selected for their Targeted Capacity Support program, a capacity-building component for a subset of grantees deemed poised to scale. We are most grateful for this dynamic partnership.

Girls CHARGE (Collaborative for Harnessing Ambition & Resources for Girls' Education) is a global initiative to address girls' education challenges. It was launched by the Brookings Institution’s Center for Universal Education in partnership with the Clinton Foundation's No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project. EFAC was selected as a Girls CHARGE partner in 2015 joining over 50 public, private, and civil society organizations to address and advance solutions to girls’ education issues. Collectively, Girls CHARGE has committed more than $800 million to reach more than 15 million girls by 2019. EFAC was selected as a CHARGE partner because of its commitment to two of the five CHARGE priority areas: girls' access to secondary school education and girls’ transitions to higher education and employment.

EFAC partners with like minded non-profits and believes in the power of collaboration.

African Leadership Academy


Aid for Africa

Agora for Good Ashoka



Flying Kites


Health eVillages

Kenya Children's Education Fund


Lwala Community Alliance


Nova Academies


Shining Hope for Communities

Vanessa Grant Girls School

EFAC would like to recognize and thank our foundation and corporate partners for their ongoing support of our program.


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Bank of Africa

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